Fishing Reports

Ice Fishing Wabigoon Crappie and Walleye

Date: March 21, 2019

Welcome to our New blog, we intend on providing weekly updates on our Camp activities, Guides Weather conditions, Fishing / Hunting tips and reports, Lake conditions / Temperatures, Rut timing, Animal patterns and other interesting information.

Well, the lake conditions here can be summed up quite simply, cold and ice covered.. A LOT of ice to be precise, on average of 3.5’ to 4’ thick on most area lakes. This is very normal for this time of year and makes for great fishing right up to the close of walleye season on April 15th. But even when Walleye closes, ice fishing for Crappie is at its best, and there is no closed season for them. If Crappie doesn’t float your boat there are always Lake Trout and stocked Brook and Rainbow trout to chase, even Splake.

There was allot of snow this year, which will make for interesting travelling on the lakes this next couple of weeks, but despite being -20℃ and below only a week or so ago spring has sprung, and the long term forecast looks very warm with double digits + temps every day.

Fishing has been fun, crappie just around the corner from camp and walleye at dusk. Crappie have really exploded on the Wabigoon Chain of Lakes and are a blast to catch, and not to mention DELICIOUS!

With a limit of 15 for a sport license they will keep you well fed too. An electric knife for cleaning them is good as they have large scales that blunt your knife quickly and a slim profile that make it tricky to go around ribs. With and electric knife it’s easy to ‘slab’ them and remove ribs quickly without having to continually sharpen your blade every 3rd fish. But don’t worry, we can clean your fish for you at the fish house. Our guide Simon has been practicing his Ninja skills with the hand method and electric knife, he can have your catch cleaned in time for supper.

Simon our guide is an aspiring Videographer, and enjoys producing and editing outdoor videos.  Below are some ones about catching, cleaning and eating Crappie as well as some fat Walleye action from last week.

Stay tuned for weekly updates and new features such as weather widgets, live webcam feeds and lots of new current pictures and videos from beautiful Sunset Country.

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