Whitetail Deer Hunting

Dryden's reputation for Whitetail Deer hunting has been growing for years. Our area is now considered the top deer-hunting destination in Canada and the focal point for deer hunters that truly wish to harvest a Whitetail Buck of trophy caliber.

The highest concentration of trophy bucks is found in what has been called the Whitetail Triangle by hunting magazines. The vast wilderness between Dryden and Ignace is the northeastern section of the Whitetail Triangle and the most productive. Wabigoon Lake Outfitters is located right in the middle of it.

Thick mature pine forest, light-cover softwood bushlands and open grasslands along with hundreds of lakes and streams have created the perfect habitat for Whitetails to proliferate in great numbers and get big. Our area has a reputation for Bucks with massive racks. One aspect of our bucks that sometimes gets unnoticed is that our bucks have massive bodies with thick necks and big heads. The size and power of our Whitetail Bucks is why hunters keep coming back to camp year after year.

Our Whitetails, along with Moose, have created thousands of animal paths that have been used for an uncountable number of years. Knowing deer paths between areas with good grazing and areas with thick cover is key to a successful hunt. As outfitters, our business is dependent on knowing where the deer are, where they have been and where they are going in order to give our hunting guests the best chance at harvesting a Whitetail Buck of their dreams.

Details on our Whitetail Deer hunts

When you book a hunt, we would like a bit of information from you. We want you to understand that this is YOUR hunt and nobody else's.

What type of deer hunt are you use to and what type of Hunt would you like to experience?

We have a variety of properties, i.e. Agriculture, clear cuts, swamps, logging roads, natural openings in the middle of the bush and just straight heavy bush overlooking a game trail, etc.

Our properties range in size from 80 acres to 850 acres. Typically with a party of 4, we would place you on 2 - 160 acre lots or 1 - 320 acre lot. Most properties we can show you on the computer from Google Earth, even picking out the exact spot where your stand will be situated.

Our hunt might have some similarities to the hunt in your area or it might be quite different. Notwithstanding, no two hunters will hunt exactly the same.

First of all, you are the hunter. We give you the liberty of hunting a property the way you want to hunt it (within reason and the local hunting regulations). We make a strong effort for you to be the first on the property and the only one to be on a property for that year. Occasionally we will use a property a second time later in the season.

The majority of our hunters sit in strategically positioned tree stands or ground blinds, close to a bait pile or food plot. Some hunters prefer to have the bait pile in sight (50 - 150 yards) or they set up on an active game trail leading to a bait pile/food plot. One of the most difficult aspects of this hunt is staying in the tree stand/ground blind all day. Some days you may see only a few deer. Many of our guests are accustomed to seeing deer throughout the day and several deer at the bait pile at one time. Your state hunting area might have 15 - 30 deer per square mile. We in the Dryden area have 7 or 8 deer per square mile. Your hunt might turn into a bit of an endurance test at times. The temptation after a few hours of the morning hunt is to get down off of your stand and wander around on the property or go back to camp for a beer or two and then return for the evening hunt. This could be a mistake since a substantial part of the buck movement is between 10:00 am & 2:00 pm. So if you can develop your patient skills, you will see bucks and you will have opportunities. If you have done your research, the deer in the Dryden area are much larger than most other areas. So wait them out, and they will come.

As mentioned previously, you are the hunter. We will scout the property and set it up, i.e. Bait piles, games trails, swamp openings, perspective trees for stands, trail cameras, etc. You may have another or even a better idea. You are welcome to pursue that. Some of our guests scout the property for themselves, being as discreet as possible. Some prefer to walk & stalk. It is up to you. We will set it up and offer a few suggestions, but the hunt is ultimately up to you, the hunter.

Our private properties have been carefully selected to offer the least amount of outside interference from roads, neighbors, other hunters, etc.

Typically there is no hunting pressure from surrounding properties, so some properties, even though only 80 acres they are "land locked", and draw in Deer from 1000 acres beyond. We require that our guests stay on the property leased, except where the adjacent property is public land. We will acquaint you with your property and surrounding area and inform you of what options you have for moving around.

We bait with a our propriety mixture of deer feed which we've custom tailored over several years of field testing. We start the baiting program at least 4 weeks before your hunt. Some guests bring up their own special concoctions for their week of hunting, i.e. Sugar beets, carrots, apples, flavored powders, etc.

Our success rate of providing our guests with an opportunity of a Trophy Buck is 96%, some of our guests will pass on those smaller bucks and wait for that monster B&C of a life time!

Please contact us for the updated information on Deer Seasons hunting dates for Dryden WMU 8

Here is the link to the 2022 hunting regulations: 2022 Hunting Regulations Summary