Guiding Services

Hi, my name is Simon, that’s my dog Roloff and me sitting on our shore looking out towards Wabigoon Lake Outfitters at sunset. I moved to Northwest Ontario 12 years ago to start and raise a family away from city life. So far so good. As the above quote suggests I love the outdoors and in particular fishing. I was born with an innate love for fishing and my earliest memory of me indulging my passion was somewhere in the Italian Alps at age 3 and always enjoyed fishing wherever in the world my parents took us, whether in the ocean, rivers or lakes. I am now blessed with my own family who also enjoy the great Northwest Ontario outdoors and family time is usually spent “adventuring� as my son Jack calls it.

Me at age 11 with my fishes, Circa 1978, Grenada,West Indies.

Wabigoon Lake Swimming

At the Ice Shack

Family Day at Lac Seul

My Family opposite Wabigoon Lake Outfitters

My son Jack with a nice walleye he got.

I live a stones throw from Wabigoon Lake Outfitters and began working there as a guide in 2018. I enjoy nothing more than helping my guests fill the boat with fish and always work hard to achieve that goal, but I also hope my love of what this pristine wilderness has to offer inspires my guests to feel the same calm I do when I immerse myself in the beauty of it all.

"Many people go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."

Why hire me?

I’ll work tirelessly to put you on a variety of fish species on what can be a challenging lake to fish. Wabigoon is stuffed full of fish but it is shallow and stained, fish move a lot and I know some great spots to try throughout the season. Not to mention I’ll control the boat with the latest electronics so you can concentrate on fishing and living the dream! With my enthusiasm and pointers you will enjoy a multi species adventure second to none, ’The Goon’ as the locals call the lake is a blast to fish!

Want a change of scenery/new adventure? I have the resources to take small parties of guests to other area lakes during your stay at camp. I can also provide guests with tackle tips and tricks, bait suggestions, but find I always learn something from every person I fish with, and if the $600 St.Croix/Shimano gear is being outfished by the kid at the front of the boat with the $20 Barbie rod from Walmart, guess what I’ll be using next trip!
Shore Lunch anyone? from Traditional shore lunch to fish Taco shore lunches, I got you covered.

Safety of my guests is also always forefront in my mind and make sure we have what is needed should we have any mechanical/ weather/medical related issues. Wabigoon also has numerous hazards and my knowledge and experience will set you up for the trip to avoid these and I will instruct those in need with the rudiments of using the electronic mapping on the boats.

As a side hobby I have been making videos of my fishing exploits over the last 10 years, and will video our adventure together for US$50 and put it on a memory card for you. You can watch all my videos on my Youtube channel here for examples of what you get for your money.

I would just like to add that if you are thinking of coming to Wabigoon Lake Outfitters and would like to hire me as a guide, make inquiries early to my availability. Fishing can make a philosopher out of you but you don’t make enough money for decent tackle on a philosophers salary, so I have a day job that I try to fit around my fishing addiction, and any gratuities that come my way are always appreciated.

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